::Contemporary ravens::

Not too long ago I was reminded of the story of Elijah. Elijah was sent to a place where he had become dependent upon birds that cared for his daily needs. Ravens. Every day ravens were flying on and off to bring Elijah his daily meal. Unbelievable, if you think about it! It shows so much about the involvement of God in our lives, even in to the details. If he sends us to a certain place, He will also take care of us in that place.

Also in our lives I can see contemporary ravens coming by our house quite frequently. Even in to detail they bring us, sometimes without even knowing, exactly what we need. And it doesn’t even always happen because we can’t afford to buy it at that moment, but it is as if God wants to say: I care for you, in to the detail.

I could make a whole list of things that were delivered to us by these contemporary raven in a week time. From shampoo to diapers, and from a bike to apple pie. The most special thing that really struck me was the can of olive oil that we got in a little basket with goodies. Already for two weeks I knew that we were running out of cooking oil. It had already happened three times before that I had taken a new bottle of oil in my hands in the store. But every time I had put it back, one time because my shopping basket was full, or because the bottle at home wasn’t completely empty anyway. The day the basket with goodies was ‘delivered’ I had finished the last bit of oil in the frying pan and I could refill the bottle with the new oil from the can in the basket! Doesn’t it say a little further in the story of Elijah that there will be no lack of oil in the jars?

I am convinced of God’s care for us and I am so thankful to Him. For a long time I had been struggling with being in the position of the so-called ‘living by faith.’ It did something to my pride to be seen as someone that needs to hold up the hand for the work we’re doing. But now that I see in reality that I don’t have to make my needs known in the first place to people, but to God, it brings me so much joy to be able to live like this and to be placed in this position.

The ravens, they’re flying off and on. I can’t wait to see what kinds of exotic birds will come to visit us in Cambodia, but I believe in a God that takes care of even the smallest detail.


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