Just over two more months we’ll be flying to Thailand and from there we will be going to Cambodia. We just got an E-mail from our friend Garth in Battambang to share with us some plans about the time we will be there this fall.

Some of the good news he had for us was that in Battambang they never suffer from Malaria, which was one of our main concerns for Noé, according to the information we got from our travel doctors here in the Netherlands. So that is good news indeed! An answer to prayer if you ask me.

In October / November we will spend most of our time in Battambang and we will probably spend two weeks in Phnom Penh. We’re planning to talk to our YWAM leaders in Cambodia, but also to connect with the local church. And of course we will just try to get used to the culture and pick up of the language as much as possible. Another exciting thing we’re looking forward to is to find out about the food they eat there. Rianne and I love Asian food in general, but we don’t know what this will be like.

Concerning the Cambodian language (Khmer, or Khmai), we’ve been trying to find some information about studying it beforehand, preferably by means of self study. This seems to be very hard though, because there’s not a lot of language study centers that offer Khmer. I guess I finally found one option, offered by ‘Colloquial‘. We didn’t order yet, so if anyone has either good or bad experiences with the Colloquial Language Studies, please let us know…

For the ones outside of Holland, right now we’re having the coldest summer ever so that actually makes us quite excited to soon be in temperatures of over 38 Celsius or over 100 Fahrenheit. I don’t know how long we will be able to say so…


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