We have arrived in Battambang.

Monday night October 1 we arrived in Phnom Penh and we had a bit of strange beginnings when we first arrived there. Especially the first week we had different times that we felt very much lost. We felt like we ended up at the wrong end of the globe, had a hard time connecting to the place and the people. We were confused and were wondering what it was for that God had brought us here. Unexpectedly we have had an amazing time in Thailand, even though we just scheduled in a stop there because of some more practical reasons. Just in the few days we were there we did feel very much connected to the people, the YWAM base and the city.

Now that we are in Battambang we feel a lot more comfortable and we have just decided to do whatever we need to do and we’ll wait for God to speak to us clearly. We will be here at least until October 31 and we’re praying about spending some more time at the YWAM base in Thailand, or staying here until November 7.

Right now there is a holiday in Cambodia and from Monday on all activities at the YWAM base here in Battambang will start again. We will be joining them as much as possible as well as finding out other things we could possibly do.

Please pray with us that God will speak clearly about His plans for us. We can thank Him for health and safety during all the traveling!


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