::Reinier in Denver, USA::

At this moment I am in Denver, Colorado, USA. I’m here to visit friends and supporters and possibly raise new ones.

Today I went to the school of one of my smallest friends, Emily Gallagher of 6 years old. In her class they had been learning about the Netherlands lately and their teacher wanted me to share about my home country, the language and me myself. I loved hanging out with these kids and sharing about our windmills, tulips and canals and also telling them that I am a missionary in my own country and what that looks like. I told them about all the kids of their age that I have seen around the world and all of them need the love and care of God. The kids were excited and especially Emily enjoyed having me over.

After I was done talking it was lunch time. She said, ‘are you gonna stay over for lunch with us?’ I told her I had to go and have lunch at home. But she really wanted me to stay. She said, ‘I’ll split my sandwich with you!’

Tomorrow night we will have a little gathering of friends of the family I’m staying with to share about what God has been doing in our lives and about our vision for the next few years.


One comment

  1. Carey and Kim · januari 27, 2008

    Boy, are we “jealous”!! Wish we were there with you! Our love to you and to Mike and Mandy as well! You are all in our prayers!

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