::Back from the USA & Mexico::

Emily in her class in DenverI just got back from my trip to the USA and Mexico yesterday. It was an amazing time of meeting old friends in Denver, Guadalajara and Los Angeles, and I got to share in a few different places about what God is doing in this world and through our lives.

I also had the opportunity to share our needs with different people and to raise more funds. A few weeks ago we had just finished budgeting for this year, and had come to the conclusion that our monthly support covered half of our budget. God has been very good to us and added up our monthly support with another 23 %! That means that right now our monthly support covers 77% of the monthly needs, and we’re still receiving e-mails from people that would like to partner with us!

It was such a blessing for me personally, but also for us as a family to find people that were so excited about our part in God’s work in the world and are willing to partner with us. I have learned lessons about the way that the Body of Christ works. Sometimes we can feel that the way we live and are supported can be a burden to people around us, but we have learned more about the joy that it can give to partner together, by seeing more and more generous hearts gathering around us to make all of this possible.


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