::Meet the team::

Left to right: The Blijlevens, Maria Theresa with daughter Rivka, Evelien (daughter Joëlle is on a holiday)

One of our responsibilities at this point is to lead two students who are doing a local outreach here in Amsterdam. Both students, who are next to being a students also mums, decided to finish their DTS here in Amsterdam and not to travel to Mongolia where the rest of the April DTS students are at the moment. One of the ministries that Evelien who is from The Netherlands and Maria Theresa from Venezuela, are involved in is working in The Cleft. A YWAM ministry in the middle of the Red Light District of Amsterdam that reaches out to the homeless, drug addicts and the prostitutes. It is amazing

to hear their stories in our weekly meetings : One of the prostitutes decided to quit her life-style of selling her body behind the windows and a week later she actually ran away from her pimp. She got connected with a home where she is protected and will be helped to start a new life in society. In another encouter with a lady from Romenia, who also works as a prostitute, the lady spoke out that she want to live a life with Jesus and wants change in her life. A homeless man, who walked into a meeting where one of the students was sharing her testimony, said when she was finished that now He finally nows that God is a faithful God.

These are really special and significant things for people who live a life in where nothing can seem to be of value. It is amazing to see that God has hope for the people where we don’t see a way out. Three times a week we meet as a team to pray for the people that we have reached out to, for the team in Mongolia and to go over practical stuff as a team.

Before this outreach started I have been wondering if those two students would experience the same excitement during the outreach fase as the students who travelled all the way to Mongolia. Now, being almost halfway our outreach here in Amsterdam, those questions are gone. God doesn’t look to the distance we travel or how impressive our ministrie might look. For Him it counts the most to see the right people in the right place. Some are called to go, some are called to stay!


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