::Oh, Amsterdam::

On rainy days, which we tend to have quite a lot this summer in The Netherlands, it is tempting to wonder why God didn’t call us to a more sunny place on this planet! But -praise the Lord- it is not the weather that makes us sure that we are in the right place or not. With the knowledge that we are doing the things that God has called us to do, we are also secure of the place were we are at on this planet. And in our case that means Amsterdam.

Life is good in Amsterdam. We feel at home in the city, have found our place in our home, we’re fully into working with the DTS and enjoying what God is doing in the city and in the lives of many young people. It gave us such peace to set the pace for the coming years and to know where we are heading to, that we are able to go into depth regarding working with DTS, to invest in relationships and into the place that God has put us. We truely enjoy it, and reguarly we remind each other that we are blessed people because of the life that God has called us to. One of the things that makes us feel like of fish in the water in this city and with YWAM Amsterdam, is the multicultural diverstiy this city hides. At this point Amsterdam is the most multicultural city on the globe! Officially 177 nationalities are registrared as citizens. Just for your information, New York has about 150 nationalities and worldwide we count in total around 266 nationalities. It is amazing to walk down the streets, to hear all the different languages, to taste, see and smell the diferences, and at the same time to realize that we all have one Creator. What a creativity did God use only in making human kind!

Within YWAM Amsterdam we have the vision that is based on Revelation 7 : 9, to see a glimse of heaven reflected on earth : “After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, form every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb.”

YWAM Amsterdam, with it’s about 90 staff members hosts about 30 nations. Every person represents his own unique reflection from the Creator and worships him in his own cultural way. To be a part of that is only a little taste of what it is going to be like in heaven as John descibes the multitude in Revelations.

Many times Amsterdam is pictured as the Sodom and Gomorra of The Netherlands, if not from the whole of Europe and the world, but let’s not forget that this city also reflects a beauty that lays within creating this many people with different nationalities.

All over the city of Amsterdam you will find small poles that have three XXX on it. It stand for “Valiant, Determined, Compassionate”. Those words you will also find on the coat of arms of Amsterdam. But often times the symbol is confused for the same three crosses that the symbol for the sexindustry has. Amsterdam is a city with a Godgiven destiny, one where God is working on. Our prayer is that Amsterdam will get famous again for it’s true identity. Unity in diversity!

We are blessed with our calling to be in Amsterdam, and hey that little rainy cloud will blow over again sometime, someday. We hope that you will feel a part of what God is doing in this city and in this nation.

Enjoy your holidays and we wish you lots of blessings and sunny days!


One comment

  1. Sonya · september 8, 2008

    are there any Ukrainians on your base yet?

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