A little over a month ago Rianne and I were commissioned as the new “DTC Leaders.” So what does that mean?!

Translated from YWAM-ese into English that means that we are responsible for all the DTS’s that we run in Amsterdam. (DTC is for “Discipleship Training Centre.”) This also means we are responsible for the team that prepares and runs all the separate DTS’s: a team of 21 full-timers and growing! For this year we have planned 4 DTS’s: the current one started in January this year, besides that we’re hoping to have DTS’s starting in April, June and September.

The last year we have grown gradually into this new role. When the former DTC Leaders announced they were planning to leave we realized that God had prepared us to step into this new role. It amazes us that this great responsibility is entrusted to us and that we can lead this small army of world changers.

Please stand with us in prayer to cover this new role, because we realize that we need God daily to carry our responsibilities.


One comment

  1. Jai · maart 3, 2009

    hey cogratulation for your new responsibilty, i know this is goingto be challinging but you people can do this i am sure for that…. because you people are going to train the people thosre who are goingto be world changer and you have been doing that through practicing your faith.

    keep growing wewill remember you and do remember yo are always welcome to send outreach teams to here and also your family.

    with lovea nd prayer


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