::1st week in Singapore::

In the background I can hear a tropical rain shower outside and buzzing fans inside while I am writing this message. Noélani is taking her afternoon nap in her mosquito-proof tent and Reinier is to church with the rest of the group. Week 1 is already over. It was the first week of heat, the first week of mosquito bites, the first week of trying to find out about the diapers they have here, the first week of drinking lots and lots of water, the first week of eating even more rice, the first week of buzzing fans, the first week of being watched as a foreigner – our very first week of Asia.

Even though this officially still is the Lecture Phase of our DTS, it is kind of a transition, but in a westernized country like Singapore that is not that difficult at all and therefore this is a great starting point to move into outreach in 2 weeks time.

So last week as well as this coming week we’re still in our Lecture Phase. Reinier had the honour of continuing the Lecture Phase here with the topic ‘Biblical Worldview’. It was kind of a hard start to be in a new country where there is so much to see, but still having to sit in the classroom all day. But Reinier as well as the students did really well. It was a very good week as well as a great preparation for out Outreach where we will be confronted with people who think very differently and who have different worldviews than ours. To reach them effectively we need to be strong in our own worldview and it is important to know what we believe and why we believe it!

In the afternoons and evenings we have been busy with team meetings and prayer times to prepare for our time in Thailand. We have really good connections in Bangkok who are helping us to sort out all kinds of details like what ministry we’ll be doing and where we will be housed.

Saturday was our ‘family-day.’ We went on a day off with just the three of us, just away from the group for a little bit. For Noé and ourselves really nice. We have been strolling downtown Singapore and saw many exciting sights.

Singapore really is a mix of East and West. Everything is very well taken care of, so we didn’t really get a culture shock so far. At the end of the afternoon we went to Chinatown in Singapore. It’s like a very small version of China and some of the things we saw really reminded us of our time in China in 2005. There are many Chinese immigrants in Singapore, who have come here for trade, business and other kinds of jobs. Chinatown is like a little piece of China in a settlement where there are many Chinese living together.

This morning we went on a walk, which – to our amazement – lead us literally into the jungle (there was still a trail there) and we were surrounded by monkeys. Noé kept on calling ‘monkey, monkey’ and ‘oh, what does it do?’ She must have been thinking to herself ‘they have really nice petting zoo’s here!’

Here in Singapore we have a good connection with the internet, so we will put out a post every once in a while. We can only wait and see how that will be in a few weeks time, but I’m sure we will be able to find an internet place then as well.

Enjoy the pictures!


One comment

  1. maartje · april 10, 2009

    Hey leute.
    Wat goed om van jullie te horen en wat leuk om de foto’s te zien. Dat geeft meteen een goede indruk van de omgeving.
    Blessings..en Rian, je begint al een lekker buikje te krijgen!Leuk…:)
    liefs van de van Walsems

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