Two weeks ago we arrived back home. Last week was all about picking up our responsibilities at the base here in Amsterdam, and the week before that was a week of wrapping up the DTS and graduation of the DTS students.

The first week after we got back we were in ‘De Poort’ (our training building in YWAM Amsterdam) with 3 DTSes together! Our DTS, the January school had their final week, the April DTS was getting ready for outreach and the June school was just getting started. The first Monday after we got back we had a time of worship with all 3 DTSes together and we were worshipping God with around 90 DTS staff and students in one room. None of us could remember a time when this has happened before in YWAM Amsterdam. It’s easy to notice that God is doing something in our midst!

Last week we started meeting with all of our staff to see where they are at and how we’re taking the next steps as a team. It was great meeting up with all of the staff again and seeing what God is doing in their lives and how we can be planning the next few DTSes that are ahead of us.

For us it is great to be back home. At first we actually kind of had to get used to our own home again. One of the first things we noticed was that our house was so tidy and even kind of empty. We got used to living with 15 people in one place for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now we had to get used again to living with just the 3 of us. But that will change soon… We’re expecting the baby around August 23rd!

We’re planning to post more pictures some time soon. As you can imagine life has been quite busy after getting back and we don’t have internet at home, so this will probably take a few more days… Come back soon!


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